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Akshay Gupta, MBA

Akshay Gupta, MBA

Wealth Advisor

I hold a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) degree with a concentration in finance, which I earned from ESADE University in Barcelona, Spain. Prior to this, I completed my Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering at Mississippi State University.  

My professional journey has encompassed various roles and experiences. I began my career as a UK Senior Foreign Exchange Associate with Kantox in London, UK, where I gained valuable insights into the financial industry. Following that, I had the privilege of serving as the CEO of my own company located in Oregon. 

In June 2024, I had the honor of starting my own group, AXR Investments within LPL Financial after 5 years at Merrill Lynch. I stay closely engaged with the business community, leveraging my financial experience to assist clients in achieving their financial goals. 

Outside of my professional life, I am an active member of the Hindu Temple Society in Austin, reflecting my commitment to community involvement. My interests extend beyond finance, including my passion for sports such as basketball, mountain biking, and tennis, as well as hobbies like golf, music and cooking.


English, Hindi & Spanish


ESADE University

Mississippi State University